PVC-u Doors

PVC is a thermoplastic, this means that PVC-u can easily be remelted and reused, therefore being recyclable. PVC-u is a brilliant material to be used when designing doors due to its excellent thermal properties, creating a number of benefits.

A few benefits is that PVC-u doors require very little maintenance, an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth will ensure your PVC-u doors retain their pristine appearance and ensure they are looking as good as new for decades after installation.

PVC-u doors can achieve high levels in energy efficiency, therefore over time helping to reduce energy bills. They also help your home stay warm by keeping out unwelcome draughts and helping trap the warm air from escaping. Another added benefit of PVC-u doors is that their insulating qualities help to reduce outside noise. They also provide a greater level of home security than you would find in other material doors.