Secondary Double Glazing

Secondary double glazing is suitable for home owners who are unable to replace single glazed windows due to either the cost involved, their property being listed or living in a conservation area where original features and details have to be retained.

A slimline aluminium system is fitted in addition to your existing windows, whether they are single glazed, double glazed, plastic, timber or aluminium. This is fitted in order to provide sound reduction, added thermal insulation, security and comfort.

The added benefits of secondary double glazing include:

  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates draughts
  • Added security
  • Added comfort
  • Reduces heat loss – saving energy and reducing future fuel bills
  • Suitable for listed building and buildings in conservation areas
  • Reduced noise pollution from road traffic, aircraft noise and general social noise

Choosing secondary double glazing will provide thermal insulation used to eliminate draughts and reduce the level of airborne dust getting into the building. Secondary double glazing acts as an alternative to double glazing as it creates a barrier to trap air between your existing window and the secondary window.

Not only does secondary double glazing provide thermal insulation, it also reduces sound pollution. Road traffic noises can be reduced by around 70% – 80% and can be reduced further by using either acoustic glass or liners.

Secondary double glazing is suitable for all types of buildings including domestic homes, commercial buildings, schools, hotels, offices and period properties where full window replacement is not an option.